Glascar was formed about 1756 as a Seceder church and was initially under the care of Rev. Thomas Mayne (Drumgooland). The first church was built in 1769 but the first minister Rev. Alexander Moore was not ordained until 26th May 1778. He was the Moderator of Synod in 1787 and emigrated to America in 1796.

Rev. John Rogers (1798-1834) farmed extensively in this area in addition to his ministerial duties and was followed by his son, Rev. James Rogers (1834-1884).

The longest ministry here was that of Rev. John Lusk who was ordained on 19th March 1889. He retired after 50 years service on 30th  May  1939 and died 2 days later.

The congregation maintains the custom of sitting in aisles to celebrate communion.

Membership currently stands at 90 families.



Donaghmore was built in 1705 and has maintained a vital witness role in the local community for over 300 years. There were early disputes with Drumbanagher and Glen but the congregation survived and flourished under the lengthy ministry of Rev. James Johnston (1707-1765).

The church was enlarged in 1762 and under the ministry of Rev. Moses Finlay (1804-1837) membership rose to 2,894 persons!  

Rev. John Elliot (1862-1875) was called in 1862 in unusual circumstances. He chaired a congregational meeting at which the original candidates were unsuccessful and he then, at the same meeting, received a unanimous call from the assembled voters. The church was extensively refurbished in 1895 and was united with Glascar on 1st December 1973.  

Communion membership totals 90 families.



Glascar and Donaghmore were joined on 1st December 1973.